Skoda Octavia Skoda Octavia Skoda Octavia Skoda Octavia
Weekly discount: 7%
Minimum rental time is 2 days.
Total price


When rental period exceeds 24 hours you will be charged for 2 days

Skoda Octavia, 2013

1598 CC, Manual gear shift

Spacious family car with four wheel drive and a towbar. Smoke free and reliable.

Pick up details:
Airport pickup possible on a case by case basis with fees

Is the car allowed to be driven on roads marked as F roads, Kjalvegur (road 35) and Kaldadalur (road 550)?: No

Location: BSI bus terminal, Reykjavik
Default Price: ISK 14.900 /day
Weekly discount: 7%

Minimum rental time: 2 days

Diesel Engine All Wheel Drive (4x4)

Reviews for this car

The car is exactly that what you can expect from 8 years old Skoda Octavia which was in very good hands. Everything is perfectly operating: breaks, gear, engine, etc. It has a large trunk so you can fit your backpacks with tents, sleeping bags, food, all you need. It was actively used by family in Iceland for years, so you don't care much if your kids eat in the car or you go on gravel road. It is 4 weel drive with manual gear, that gives you little bit more freedom and comfortable feelings :)

Alexander Sagatelyan
2021-08-16 09:09 AM