Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner 2005

Weekly discount: 10%

Renters must replace the used gas.
Total Price : ISK 0
When rental period exceeds 24 hours you will be charged for 2 days


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Toyota 4runner, 2005

4700 CC, Automatic gear shift.

Is the car allowed to be driven on roads marked as F roads, Kjalvegur (road 35) and Kaldadalur (road 550)?: Yes

Features: Gasoline Engine, All Wheel Drive (4x4), Baby Seat, USB Connection

Location: BSI bus terminal, Reykjavik


Default Price: ISK 15.000 /day
Weekly discount: 10%

Custom price(s):

01-01 - 05-31: ISK 11.000 /day

01-01 - 05-31: ISK 11.000 /day

09-15 - 12-31: ISK 11.000 /day

Minimum rental time: 4 days

Easy to drive, spacious, powerful and a capable for highlands.

It is possible to lay down the backseat and for two people to sleep in the car but it is not equipped as a camper.

Pick up details:
Aktu taktu Gardabear. Flybus stops there just remember to let the bus driver know that it is your destination.
Airport pickup is not possible but can drop it off to where you are staying within Reykjavik area.

Availability Information:
If the car is available according to the calendar you can trust it is true.

Reviews for this car

By Vincent Collard on 2017-09-02 09:30:13

Great car to cross Iceland with! We are a family of 5 (of which 3 are >= 180 cm} and we could all fit in the very comfortably including luggages, 2 tents, food and so on... The car is comfortable on standard roads but its comfort, adherence, power (4,7 liters gasoline engine) and handling on F roads make from it a great car for Iceland. Hlynur is a very sympathetic, responsible and nice person. Taking and handing over of the car has been done flawlessly.

By John David Moore on 2017-08-03 06:17:07

This car was perfect, it did everything same asked of it and had more to give. The owner could not have been more helpful. 10/10.

By Tereza Schovankova on 2017-07-24 12:34:02

Very helpful and friendly owners, the car has been very well prepared for our trip. We drove about 3400 km in 16 days and tha car performed flawlesly. With 10 % driving done on the F-roads, the fuel consumption for the whole trip was 19.5 MPG (13 l/100km) with four people and their baggage on board.

By Kamila Lawska on 2017-06-07 09:17:25

All excellent and hassle free. Great car shame that some of the F roads were still closed. Great choice to travel around this beautiful country. Will definitely use again. Thank you Hlynur!

By Jozsef Gonczol on 2017-01-31 17:00:06

loved the V8 :-) little bit thirsty but you have never get stuck on any road. Hlynur and Tinna are really helpful. Hope see you soon guys ;-)

By Igor Alexandrovich Voronetskiy on 2016-12-01 21:37:24

We made a whole circle around the Iceland in this car in November, and the car performed very well. This is a very good choice if you want to feel safe and ready for any adventure. Still be attentive to fuel consumption and don't miss petrol stations, especially on the north. But, well.. when you have a v8, you have a v8. Owners are friendly and can answer any of your questions.

By Gabrielle Schimelpfenig on 2016-09-27 12:52:51

The car was great! Plenty of room to sleep in the back and a very pleasant transaction! Thanks!

By Ondrej Kolmistr on 2016-09-13 15:48:17

Realy good car - spacious, comfortable and in good technical condition. Able to drive through the highlands without any problem. The only disadvantage is a bit higher fuel comsumtion (13l/100km in average) - but it has realy powerful engine.

By Guillaume Hemard on 2016-09-13 14:14:07

Perfect car to discover an amazing country. Really comfortable for 4 with luggages. Easy and comfortable to drive on regular roads with V8 engine giving you enough power to overtake when needed. But really unveiled itself on F road! We've done the F250 & F218 north to south, Really really good fun and never got stuck! The owners are welcoming and flexible with regards to pick up and drop off and offered a lot of additional equipment to go with the car! In summary... Recommended!

By Jeremy VAUCHER on 2016-09-13 14:10:40

Perfect car for Iceland. well-clean, maintain and powerful car. It's possible to sleep inside. Owner very kind.

By Jaroslaw Mazurek on 2016-09-13 13:23:06

Best car you can Imagine on Iceland. Its spacious, its comfortable, it has power and gives reliability. We were travelning with 5 persons + luggage and we fitid inside. Hlynur - car owner is friendly helpful man.