Weekly discount: 5%
Total price


When rental period exceeds 24 hours you will be charged for 2 days

Renault Trafic, 2015

2000 CC, Manual gear shift

Is the car allowed to be driven on roads marked as F roads, Kjalvegur (road 35) and Kaldadalur (road 550)?: No

Location: BSI bus terminal, Reykjavik
Default Price: ISK 14.000 /day
Weekly discount: 5%

Minimum rental time: 5 days

Diesel Engine

Reviews for this car

Really nice car even it is not newest one. Great deal for larger group of people.

Zdenek Bubenik
2018-09-01 09:16:57

The car owner is really helpfull and it was easy to communicate with him. Thanks

Artsiom Ziatsikau
2018-08-22 19:52:24

Car had some problems but owner solved it as soon as possible

Artsiom Ziatsikau
2018-08-11 06:02:55

Not the newest, but good and reliable car for a fair price, smooth communication with the owner.

Stepan Hrabovsky
2017-08-26 15:48:31

We did the ring road around Iceland and I truly loved this van its reliable diesel with fair consumption of fuel. Plenty of space for your luggage (we were 8 people) I found it very pleasant to drive this kind of van. The owner is very chilled helpful guy and communication with him was fast and efficient. Thank you!

Juraj Filus
2017-08-02 12:54:31

The car is in really good conditions, it has a excellent driving. The only points could be make it excellent is change the wipers, fix the connection of the battery because the battery disconnects all the time, the rain sensor of the wipers. I think that's all we have great time in Iceland we this truck. Thanks!!

2017-07-25 10:59:23

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Everything went smooth. Very recommendable

Jakob Josiassen
2018-08-04 15:00:00

Smooth booking as well as overall communication, pickup and dropoff. Reliable ride, took us all around the island without any hiccups. Easy on the diesel at about 7L/100km. Fully equipped with Webasto heating for cold nights (really awesome), everything n

Vaclav Horacek
2018-05-02 06:00:00

Excellent choice! The camper had everything we needed and was clean. Good communication with the owner who gave us tips to have a better experience in Iceland. Always answer quickly questions.

Chantal Jasmin
2018-04-20 08:00:00

Light problems with the back door, but no real problem

Uwe Kaczmarczyk
2018-04-14 16:00:00

Had everything, what you need for your trips around Iceland. Uncomplicated communication with owner, would only recommend.

Peter Stano
2017-09-16 14:00:00


Joao Fernandes
2017-08-26 09:00:00

Reliable vehicle for a perfect trip around Iceland! It has all you need for your adventure and everything worked just fine . We had a wonderfull time also due to the van and its facilities. 12 days very well spent.

Letizia Greggi
2017-08-18 19:00:00

Perfect car for travelling around Iceland. It has all the proprieties which traveller needs.

Martin Kovar
2017-08-09 18:00:00

We circled the whole island with the car, all perfectly set up, camping stuff - heater, cooler powered on solar energy; sink, modified matress, gas stove... you literally don't need anything else on your journey than what's included with the car. Would on

Stepan Januszek
2017-07-12 17:00:00

Great vehicle, everything worked perfectly - we enjoyed our ring road trip, webasto helped us to stay warm. Good car for a good price :)

Marius Ramanauskas
2017-07-01 09:00:00

Nice car, we slept 9 nights inside and used the kitchen as well. No problems on the road, perfect for our intentions

Uwe Kaczmarczyk
2016-10-22 23:00:00

Perfect van for driving around Iceland! Everything is in the van, duvets, a very confortable mattress and a heating system if you get cold. There is a gas stove for cooking, pots and pans and everything to eat your meal. (Note: I recomend you to buying an

2016-09-16 16:30:00

All was ok with the car

Laura Bujaldón
2016-08-25 12:00:00

Easy communication. Helpful.

Søren Ketelsen
2016-08-24 08:30:00

The Car was excellent and the rental very easy and uncomplicate! Thanks!

Nele Völkel
2016-07-28 09:00:00

Perfect for a camper trip on Iceland

Tomas Jil
2016-07-11 21:30:00

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