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Citroen Berlingo 2004

Weekly discount: 0%

Renters must replace the used gas.
Total Price : ISK 0
When rental period exceeds 24 hours you will be charged for 2 days


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Citroen Berlingo , 2004

1400 CC, Manual gear shift.

Is the car allowed to be driven on roads marked as F roads, Kjalvegur (road 35) and Kaldadalur (road 550)?: No

Features: Gasoline Engine

Location: BSI bus terminal, Reykjavik


Default Price: ISK 11.500 /day
Weekly discount: 0%

Custom price(s):

07-01 - 08-31: ISK 12.500 /day

Minimum rental time: 4 days

The design on our mini campers has been carefully studied with a very clear goals which are functionality, simplicity, maximum useable space and comfort. The user does not need to have any previous experience of caravans or campers to have a full use of our campers. All installed elements are custom made in our own design workshop. The result is that it is extremely easy to make the bed ready for use. In average it takes only less than 2 minutes to make the car fully ready for sleeping
Our detailed designed curtains allows you to cover the windows in few seconds and fully block vision from outside as well as the light from the bright summernights in Iceland. This feature is important for your sleep. The design also offer maxiumum possible space for your luggage and personal things. For mini camper the sleeping area is very large. One person up to 190cm tall and one person up to or even exceeding 200cm can with comfort sleep in our mini campers. . The width of the bed is 130cm so all together the bed is just slightly less than Queen size bed.

Pick up details:
Phone number for general service and delivery is 699 0092

Availability Information:
The following extras is also available upon the renters interest and whishes.
Pillows, genuine wool blanket, cotton or similar blanket, foldable chairs and table, cutlery and crockery (plastic) Sleeping bag (fresh liners supplied) Gas heating stove. Please ask for prices

Reviews for this car

By Karla Wade on 2017-06-12 15:12:35

We rented Hjalti's car for a trip around the country. We really liked the car, the design of the bed system was great, and its a great way to travel the country. Hjalti was responsive to our messages and every thing went well. Highly recommended.