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Subaru Legacy, 2005

2000 CC, Automatic gear shift

Fully equipped 4wd car with enough room for two to comfortably sleep in the back with one child. Perfect car for Icelandic weather and conditions. It blends well in the traffic in Reykjavik or out on the country road. You can not tell it's a campervan from the outside and it's suitable for those who choose to travel in pairs and you are also easily capable of putting the backseats up so up to four people can travel together. Add a tent as extras. If you need more info we are here to help!

Included in the rent:

Unlimited mileage, CDW, 24/7 assistance if anything happens, insurance and taxes.

Inside the car 2 people can sleep on a mattress with a child and you can have an extra tent or a roofrack if you need. Please ask about solutions we're pretty flexible. Bed size 200 cm 140 cm

• USB charger (no charging cord)
• Comfortable matress, 2 warm duvets, two pillows, all sheets and even 2 bath towels
• Traveling stove, kettle, pots, pan and a coffee press
• Two chairs and a table (not during winter season)
• Cutting knife and board
• Cutlery, cups and dishes
• A dish washing sope, rag, sponge and a towel
• Cooling box for 12 volts
• All other equipment available if requested and negotiable for a little extra fee

We are in this to serve. If anything please ask. We´re pretty flexible!

Pick up details:
You take the Flybus to BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik. It's good if you text us from the bus so we can meet you in time at BSI bus terminal or send all instructions in time if we'll put up a self check in process.

Is the car allowed to be driven on roads marked as F roads, Kjalvegur (road 35) and Kaldadalur (road 550)?: No

Location: BSI bus terminal, Reykjavik
Default Price: ISK 12.900 /day
Weekly discount: 0%

Custom price(s):

April 15 - May 31 : ISK 12.900/day

June 01 - August 31 : ISK 15.900/day

September 01 - October 31 : ISK 12.900/day

November 01 - December 31 : ISK 10.900/day

Minimum rental time: 3 days

Gasoline Engine All Wheel Drive (4x4) USB Connection

Reviews for this car

Rented a 4wd Subaru where you could sleep in. Very reliable car for the trip. After having a small issue, it was adressed immediately and we could move on in minutes. Would recommend them for everyone!

Daniel Reisich
2018-08-18 11:23:44

Last minute booking, but communication with the owner was swift and easy. Did a three day roadtrip of 1000km in snow, sleet, storms and rain and wind early Feb 18 and this Legacy took it like a king. The permanent 4x4 and the automatic transmission enables you to focus fully on the road and scenery and one evening when the weather forecast didn't look optimistic that we'd reach our hotel, we parked the car in the wilderness and slept in and it was perfect. Pickup&dropoff; smooth. Takes 9lt/100km.

Vaclav Horacek
2018-02-08 09:43:46

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We had a great trip with Erna's car! It is old and guzzles a lot of fuel (we had to buy a jerrycan to make it through a long stretch of F roads) but it is good on all kinds of roads, including rough trails and river crossings. The camping gear provided wa

Robin Holmes
2018-07-03 14:00:00

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