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VW 2006 2006 Iceland

VW 2006 2006

From ISK 11.700/Day

Kia Rio 2017 Iceland

Kia Rio 2017

From ISK 20.400/Day

VW Golf 2007 Iceland

VW Golf 2007

From ISK 10.800/Day

Ford Fiesta ST 2005 Iceland

Ford Fiesta ST 2005

From ISK 11.900/Day

Renault Megane 2004 Iceland

Renault Megane 2004

From ISK 7.200/Day

Subaru FORESTER 2006 Iceland

Subaru FORESTER 2006

From ISK 8.800/Day

Mitsubishi outlander 2005 Iceland

Mitsubishi outlander 2005

From ISK 11.000/Day

Suzuki Alto 2010 Iceland

Suzuki Alto 2010

From ISK 10.000/Day

Renault Megane Scenic 2004 Iceland

Renault Megane Scenic 2004

From ISK 9.000/Day

Honda crv 2005 Iceland

Honda crv 2005

From ISK 8.400/Day

Suzuki Vitara 2007 Iceland

Suzuki Vitara 2007

From ISK 10.400/Day

Renault Trafic 2006 Iceland

Renault Trafic 2006

From ISK 19.800/Day

Nissan X-Trail 2006 Iceland

Nissan X-Trail 2006

From ISK 11.300/Day

Chevrolet Spark 2014 Iceland

Chevrolet Spark 2014

From ISK 10.200/Day

Kia Picanto 2012 Iceland

Kia Picanto 2012

From ISK 8.600/Day

Ford Focus C-max 2007 Iceland

Ford Focus C-max 2007

From ISK 9.000/Day

Fiat 2004 2004 Iceland

Fiat 2004 2004

From ISK 14.400/Day

Ford transit 2012 Iceland

Ford transit 2012

From ISK 17.700/Day

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 Iceland

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007

From ISK 9.800/Day

Hyundai Santa fe 2007 Iceland

Hyundai Santa fe 2007

From ISK 8.100/Day

BMW X5 eDrive 2016 Iceland

BMW X5 eDrive 2016

From ISK 39.600/Day

Mazda Optimum 2016 Iceland

Mazda Optimum 2016

From ISK 15.300/Day

Honda 2012 2012 Iceland

Honda 2012 2012

From ISK 10.800/Day

Nissan Leaf 2018 Iceland

Nissan Leaf 2018

From ISK 18.000/Day

Suzuki Liana 2006 Iceland

Suzuki Liana 2006

From ISK 7.200/Day

Mercedes-Benz viano 2005 Iceland

Mercedes-Benz viano 2005

From ISK 9.400/Day

Hyundai i 30 2014 Iceland

Hyundai i 30 2014

From ISK 8.100/Day

Daewoo Kalos 2004 Iceland

Daewoo Kalos 2004

From ISK 6.300/Day

Honda Crv 2005 Iceland

Honda Crv 2005

From ISK 8.100/Day

Ford Explorer 2004 Iceland

Ford Explorer 2004

From ISK 14.900/Day

Opel Antara 2007 Iceland

Opel Antara 2007

From ISK 8.600/Day

Ford EXPLORER 2006 Iceland

Ford EXPLORER 2006

From ISK 13.500/Day

VW Golf GTE 2017 Iceland

VW Golf GTE 2017

From ISK 15.300/Day

Kia Picanto 2015 Iceland

Kia Picanto 2015

From ISK 8.100/Day

Mazda 5 2007 Iceland

Mazda 5 2007

From ISK 8.100/Day

Toyota Rav4 2003 Iceland

Toyota Rav4 2003

From ISK 7.800/Day

VW Polo 2007 Iceland

VW Polo 2007

From ISK 6.300/Day

Skoda Fabia Estate 2015 Iceland

Skoda Fabia Estate 2015

From ISK 8.100/Day

Hummer 2006 2006 Iceland

Hummer 2006 2006

From ISK 27.000/Day

VW Golf 2011 Iceland

VW Golf 2011

From ISK 9.500/Day

Skoda Superb 2012 Iceland

Skoda Superb 2012

From ISK 9.700/Day

Toyota Tacoma 2005 Iceland

Toyota Tacoma 2005

From ISK 16.000/Day

Skoda Citigo 2015 Iceland

Skoda Citigo 2015

From ISK 11.400/Day

Toyota Toyota Rav4  2008 Iceland

Toyota Toyota Rav4 2008

From ISK 11.200/Day

Toyota Corolla 2004 Iceland

Toyota Corolla 2004

From ISK 6.000/Day

Ford Kuga 2010 Iceland

Ford Kuga 2010

From ISK 11.700/Day

Hyundai Getz 2006 Iceland

Hyundai Getz 2006

From ISK 6.500/Day

Chevrolet Cruze 2013 Iceland

Chevrolet Cruze 2013

From ISK 7.200/Day

Nissan Xtrail 2006 Iceland

Nissan Xtrail 2006

From ISK 6.300/Day

Hyundai Tucson 2007 Iceland

Hyundai Tucson 2007

From ISK 7.200/Day

Dacia Duster 2018 Iceland

Dacia Duster 2018

From ISK 4.500/Day

Dacia Duster 2017 Iceland

Dacia Duster 2017

From ISK 7.200/Day

VW Polo 2017 Iceland

VW Polo 2017

From ISK 6.300/Day

Dacia Logan 2017 Iceland

Dacia Logan 2017

From ISK 6.800/Day

Dacia Logan 2017 Iceland

Dacia Logan 2017

From ISK 6.800/Day

Hyundai Tucson 2006 Iceland

Hyundai Tucson 2006

From ISK 8.600/Day

Subaru Legacy 2004 Iceland

Subaru Legacy 2004

From ISK 9.000/Day

Suzuki Jimny 2017 Iceland

Suzuki Jimny 2017

From ISK 7.200/Day

Suzuki Jimny 2017 Iceland

Suzuki Jimny 2017

From ISK 7.200/Day

Peugeot 206 2008 Iceland

Peugeot 206 2008

From ISK 9.400/Day

Suzuki Jimny 2004 Iceland

Suzuki Jimny 2004

From ISK 9.500/Day

Toyota 2003 2003 Iceland

Toyota 2003 2003

From ISK 9.800/Day

Dacia Duster 2016 Iceland

Dacia Duster 2016

From ISK 9.900/Day

Ford Escape 2007 Iceland

Ford Escape 2007

From ISK 10.200/Day

Subaru XV 4x4 2017 Iceland

Subaru XV 4x4 2017

From ISK 9.000/Day

Dacia Duster 4x4 2015 2017 Iceland

Dacia Duster 4x4 2015 2017

From ISK 8.100/Day

Dacia Duster 4x4 2015 2017 Iceland

Dacia Duster 4x4 2015 2017

From ISK 8.100/Day

Toyota Rav 2013 Iceland

Toyota Rav 2013

From ISK 11.900/Day

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 Iceland

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006

From ISK 11.400/Day

Hyundai Tucson 2017 Iceland

Hyundai Tucson 2017

From ISK 10.800/Day

Dacia daster 2017 Iceland

Dacia daster 2017

From ISK 12.600/Day

Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 2008 Iceland

Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 2008

From ISK 12.600/Day

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 2003 Iceland

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 2003

From ISK 13.200/Day

Ford Transit 2007 Iceland

Ford Transit 2007

From ISK 14.300/Day

Hyundai tucson 2017 Iceland

Hyundai tucson 2017

From ISK 14.300/Day

Renault Trafic 2012 Iceland

Renault Trafic 2012

From ISK 11.700/Day

Renault Trafic 2013 Iceland

Renault Trafic 2013

From ISK 11.700/Day

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010 Iceland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010

From ISK 11.700/Day

Citroen Jumpy 2006 Iceland

Citroen Jumpy 2006

From ISK 15.800/Day

VW Caravelle 2012 Iceland

VW Caravelle 2012

From ISK 16.200/Day

Kia Sorento 2014 Iceland

Kia Sorento 2014

From ISK 16.700/Day

Lexus IS 250 2007 Iceland

Lexus IS 250 2007

From ISK 17.200/Day

Nissan X-trail 2017 Iceland

Nissan X-trail 2017

From ISK 13.400/Day

Renault Traffic 2017 Iceland

Renault Traffic 2017

From ISK 15.300/Day

Mitsubishi Pajero  2017 Iceland

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017

From ISK 22.800/Day

Fiat Ducato 2006 Iceland

Fiat Ducato 2006

From ISK 30.000/Day

Ford Transit 4wd 2013 Iceland

Ford Transit 4wd 2013

From ISK 32.300/Day

Ford Transit 2011 Iceland

Ford Transit 2011

From ISK 35.800/Day

Fiat Ducato 2004 Iceland

Fiat Ducato 2004

From ISK 33.300/Day

Land Rover Defender 110 2014 Iceland

Land Rover Defender 110 2014

From ISK 49.700/Day

Insurance on all cars

All cars are fully insured. Self-risk is limited.

Our partnership with all major Icelandic insurance companies guarantees that all cars are fully insured for the duration of the rental period. Self-risk is limited to 330.000 ISK. You can limit the self-risk to 80.000 ISK, for an extra 1.990 ISK per day.
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No Hidden charges

Unlimeted milages, additional drivers free of charge.

All rental contracts include unlimited mileage warranties, and additional drivers may be added for free. Ash and gravel protection with limited liability is always included. In short, there are no extra service charges.


Trust and security

Our procedures ensure the security of your business and the safety of your vehicle.

Our goal is the mutual benefit of all participants, and as an independent third party, we handle all payments between owners and renters and provide contracts that apply to all car rentals.