Listing your car on Carrenters.is is free and enables you to receive car rental requests from people all over the world!

You rent out your car at a time of your convenience and you can accept or decline any rental request. You set your own price and availability!

To get started, simply create an account and follow the next few steps!

  1. List your car
    Register a few fundamental details concerning your vehicle, upload descriptive photos and the listing is done! To have your car listing approved, the car must be under 15 years old, the annual inspection must be in order and the tires must be in good condition.

  2. You receive a Rental Request
    As soon as someone requests to rent your car, you receive a rental request e-mail containing the requested lease time and the next steps are up to you. You can either accept or decline the request, but bear in mind that if no answer is given within 24 hours the request will be declined automatically. If you accept the request, we will contact your insurance company and get approval on your behalf.

  3. Meet the renter
    Before you meet the renter you must register the car as a Rental Car via "Samgöngustofa". This is a simple process which you can complete online. We will provide you with the link and assist you in any way possible.

    To meet the renter and hand over the car, the two of you must agree on a meeting place. Most commonly people meet at the BSI bus station where the fly bus comes in, although some renters prefer to pick up the car at KEF airport. When you meet the renter, the two of you inspect the car to ensure that no damage is left undocumented, after which you sign the Car Rental Agreement. When the renter returns the car, you will inspect the car again before signing the Car Returning Document.

  4. Get paid.
    When your car is booked the payment automatically goes to Carrenters.is. Payments from Carrenters.is to car owners are made on the 1st and 15th of each month. In order to protect the interests of both owner and renter, we hold the payment until the next payday after the end of each rental period. We charge 22% of the rental amount which includes the credit card transaction fee. Your insurance company charges you for increased risk, an amount which is determent by your insurance company, please make sure to contact your insurance company to know the exact amount

Insurance on all cars

All cars are fully insured. Self-risk is limited.

Our partnership with all major Icelandic insurance companies guarantees that all cars are fully insured for the duration of the rental period. Self-risk is limited to 330.000 ISK. You can limit the self-risk to 80.000 ISK, for an extra 1.990 ISK per day.
Even More...


No Hidden charges

Unlimeted milages, additional drivers free of charge.

All rental contracts include unlimited mileage warranties, and additional drivers may be added for free. Ash and gravel protection with limited liability is always included. In short, there are no extra service charges.


Trust and security

Our procedures ensure the security of your business and the safety of your vehicle.

Our goal is the mutual benefit of all participants, and as an independent third party, we handle all payments between owners and renters and provide contracts that apply to all car rentals.