Renters offers a large variety of cars that caters to every traveler's transportation need.

Simply create an account and follow the next few steps!

  1. Find your car
    Start by searching for a car using the CarRenters search engine. You can search for cars based on criteria such as date, type, transmission and fuel. All cars that match your criteria are displayed in our car registry. Alternately, simply browse through our catalogue to see what is available. All our cars are located in the Reykjavik - Keflavík area. Pick ups and drop offs normally take place in the international airport or the BSÍ bus station where arrivals enter the city from the airport.

  2. Make a booking
    To book a car, send a Rental Request to the car owner via the CarRenters reservation system. Note that the owner might want to know a little about your trip in advance. After the Rental Request has been submitted, the owner has 24 hours to accept it. As soon as the car owner accepts your Rental Request, the car is booked! CarRenters will hold your payment until the end of the rental period. If you do not receive the car, CarRenters will refund you.

  3. The pick up
    At the pick up you are required to do a safety check to ensure that the car has not suffered any undocumented damage. If you detect undocumented damage, you document it manually. Be sure to bring the Car Rental Agreement and a valid driver’s license.

  4. The drop off
    When the rental period is over you are required to return the car to its owner containing the same amount of fuel it contained at the pick up. You then ensure that the car is in the same condition as rented, and finally fill out and sign the Car Returning Document.

  5. Rate the rental
    Remember that you have the opportunity to write a short review about your experience for the benefit of future renters.