The Highlands

Less known spots on the highlands of Iceland.

Travelling the highlands of Iceland is an experience. Going through landscapes of incredible colors, red, black, orange and white volcanic mountains. Green moss, white glaciers, peace and silence.  If you are considering exploring the highlands by a rental car be sure to get a 4×4 SUV it is not possible to go around on a normal car you will need to cross un bridged rivers etc.  You can go to some spots with a bus but the best way to travel the highlands of Iceland is by a rental car.

Landmannalaugar is one of the best known areas on the highlands and definitely worth the visit, during the high traveling season staying sleeping there even on the camping area can be difficult do to the reason of its popularity it gets crowded and even fully booked.

There are other options near by even greater to stay at.

One less known is Landmannahellir. There you can stay in small cabins with no electricity only gas for cooking and heating and candles for lightning. Be sure to bring your own candles. Walking outside in Landmannahellir is amazing the complete silence is something hard to get your hands on in the world. Experiencing hearing absolutely NOTHING is a Zen experience. In Landmannahellir you can also buy a cheap permit to fish in the lakes for trout and artic char. One of the lakes is the volcanic crater Ljótipollur. It is a great way to spend a day on the highlands driving between the lakes around and get couple of fishes to barbeque during the night.  Accommodation goes for 4.600 per person at Landmannahellir.

Another amazing place less known on the highlands is Veiðivötn.  There you can get very cheap accommodation as low as 2.000 ISK per person. Veiðivötn consist of great lakes, in different sizes in a volcanic landscape. They are filled with huge trout and some artic char. It is almost impossible to get a permit there due to popularity and great price. But going for the scenery and cheap accommodation is totally worth it. Veidivotn is not marketed for tourists at all but here you can see their Icelandic website.