Car Rental Iceland – which is cheapest?

We at CarRenters decided to take down some prices from randomly chosen car rentals in Iceland to compare to our best prices offered at our site. We decided to make a short price comparison between some conventional car rentals as well as some car rentals renting older cars. The prices represent the cheapest available mid size family cars and 4X4 SUV’s during the first week in July for 7 days.

Hopefully the result will give the reader good price awareness.

Car Rental Car type Price
CarRenters Hyundai Elantra                327 €
Suzuki Grand Vitara                558 €
Cheap jeep Toyota Sedan                474 €
Suzuki Grand Vitara                906 €
SS car rental Toyota avensis                693 €
Toyota Rav 4            1.056 €
Sadcars Toyota avensis                623 €
Toyota Rav 4            1.029 €
Avis Skoda Octavia            1.075 €
Suzuki Grand Vitara            1.956 €
Höldur Skoda Octavia            1.015 €
Kia Sorento            1.803 €

The results are quite stunning where the priciest car rental is roughly 3-4 times more expensive than CarRenters. The obvious reason of the huge price difference is that the cheapest 4 car rentals are offering  older vehicles which are cheaper.

Here are pictures and direct links to our indisputable winners!

Grand vitara               thunder