Hiking in the Reykjavik area

In the Reykjavik area there are multiple hiking paths. In this post we will describe the most popular paths. We had especially in mind those who don’t have access to a private- or rental car so the paths listed below are accessible from Reykjavík center, either by foot or public transport. The paths described are easy to hike so guides should not be needed.

Mount Esja is one of Reykjavik symptoms. The mountain is 914 meters high and once you are on the top the view will span the whole Capital area, absolutely amazing. This is the most popular walking path near the Reykjavik area. The access point is easy to find, if you have a private- or rental car you will need to drive past Mosfellsbær and take a turn to your right. It’s also possible to take buss number 57 in Háholt Mosfellsbær.

There are several hiking paths up the mountain. Each path rated from 1-3 which indicates the difficulty of the path. The most common path is called “Steinn” (e. stone) and drags its name from a big stone that you will see on the end of the path. Depending on the chosen route and walking pace the journey should take from 1-3 hours.

Heiðmörk is the largest recreational area near the capital, spanning about 3000 ha in size, one third of that are is forested. Heiðmörk has a wide range of outdoor recreation activity, there are hiking paths that span about 40 kilometers, 9 stopovers where people can come together and enjoy provided barbeque facilities. Please visit heidmork.is for a map.

Öskjuhlíð and nearby area is located in the heart of Reykjavik and is a great choice if you want to walk from the city center to some great views by the ocean or see a small version of an Icelandic forest. This is one of the nicest paved path which covers coastline. An ideal beginning of the walk would be at Ægisíða street and take the direction to Nauthólsvík. In Nauthólsvík you could have a stopover and have a coffee at Nauthóll. From there it is a path to Elliðaárdalur which is a beautiful valley where you will cross a fishing river.